Booking conditions Rikketik Vintage Watches Fair

All amounts mentioned are excl. 21% VAT

1. An exhibition table is only allocated to subscribers of the Rikketik.
The price is 42,50 Euro ex. VAT per table. The amount is due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice, latest 3 weeks before the date of the Fair. Late payment may lead to exclusion from participation.

2. Wall locations are limited and on request, whoever. There is a surcharge is per table. (It is not allowed to attach, glue or nail anything to the walls). Electricity 220V = 30 Euro per connection(price Expo). The exhibitors are obliged to have the stand cleaned afterwards, or cleaning costs are charged. (Please make your arrangements.)

3. A booking can only be made by sending the completed and signed booking form to Another type of booking is not possible.
You will receive 1 free exhibitor ticket per booking, regardless of the number of tables, approximately one week before the fair with a floormap and further information. Price additional tickets on request. Tickets will be scanned at the exhibitors entrance.

4. Arranging your table/stand must be finished before 8.30 o’clock. There is no acces possible after 8.30 at the exhibitors entrance

5. Exhibitors must be present until 16:00. A premature departure from the fair is very unpleasant for the other exhibitors and unprofessional for the visitors to the exhibition. If you can not fulfill this, you must not attend our Rikketik fairs. Exhibitors who leave the fair prematurely will be excluded for future fairs.

6. By registering for the Rikketik Fair, you agree to the conditions stated here.

The participation agreement cannot be unilaterally changed or withdrawn by the participant.
If the participant is unable to attend due to special circumstances, a request for cancellation can only be submitted by email.
Payment for cancellation:

– From 3 to 2 months before the fair date: 50% of the invoice amount, 50% moves to the next fair
– From 2 to 1 month(s) before the start of the fair: 75% of the invoice amount, 25% moves on to the next fair

– From 1 month before the fair: 100% of the invoice amount. In all cases, the Rikketik will try to find a replacement exhibitor for the canceled table(s). If this is successful, you will be notified and the payment will be transferred to the next fair.

If you do not cancel or do not show up, 200% of the invoice amount will be charged.

7. De Rikketik is not liable for damage, loss, injury or other damage to exhibitors and/or visitors and their property. Make sure that your goods are not left unattended in your stand.Advice is to always come with two persons

8. From 8.30 am there is exclusive access to the fair for subscribers with an early bird card. Not subscribers with an early bird card from 9.00 as well as Rikketik subscribers with a regular card. From 10.00 there is access for every visitor.