Important information:

Have your E-ticket scanned at the information desk, receive your entrance bracelet and you have direct access to the fair at the applicable entrance time. See entrance times here.

Transaction costs € 1.00.


Explanation for subscribers:

To get a discount on your e-ticket, fill in the following in the order form under ‘Relation number’:

For the Netherlands:

Enter your customer / member number (first 4 digits, add a 0 in front when 3 digits) then a space, then your postcode with space between the numbers and letter.

For example: 1021 1333 TN

For abroad:

Your customer/relationship number, then a space, then your zip code with a dash together.

For example:

Belgium: 2030 B-0660

Germany: 0001 D-35638

France: 0001 F-92171

UK: 0001 0001 GG00 4HN

Poland: 0001 PL-57-500

Note! if you forget a capital letter, space or dash, it will not work.