Rikketik watch and clock fair Info

The planned exhibition dates for 2021 are:

Sunday January 17, 2021
Sunday April 11, 2021
Sunday, July 4, 2021
Sunday October 17, 2021
Of course this depends on the permission of the RIVM, but we assume that we will finally keep a trusted Rikketik again.

New at the Rikketik....rikketikveilingen.nl

After 3 months of hard work and a lot of test work, there is a great and safe auction platform: www.rikketikveilingen.nl
A unique auction platform that would only deal with watches, clocks, timepieces and everything else that the Rikketik fairs are known for.

Rikketik subscribers naturally have advantages, such as access to the Rikketik fairs, for example they do not pay any placement costs for lots and the first 50 Rikketik exhibitors also receive a significant discount on the commission of the first 10 lots offered.
Create an account quickly, from now on Rikketik auctions is live.